Octopus UK57 fine hessian ukulele gig bag

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  • Endorsed by renowned ukulele performer and teacher Andy Eastwood
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sturdy carry handle
  • Padded gig bag
  • Zip up accessory pocket

Introducing the Octopus UK57 fine hessian ukulele gig bag

Effortlessly stylish with options for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles, this hessian effect ukulele gig bag from Octopus offers the perfect amount of protection for your day to day ukulele needs. Whether traveling to gigs, taking it to play with friends in the pub or storing at home, it not only keeps your ukulele safe, it does it with style!

In keeping with Octopus values, every detail has been attended to. The 10mm padding securely cradles your ukulele giving you added peace of mind, the handle has been ergonomically designed for comfort, and the easily adjustable back straps expand your carrying options. The gig bag also features a front pocket, encouraging storage of small accessory items such as picks, tuners, notes, and (of course) snacks.

Finished to the highest standard, the UK57 ukulele gig bag is built to last. This quality and attention to detail along with the bespoke zip pulls and wave inspired logo is what makes this unmistakably Octopus.

Multiple carrying options

Bringing your ukulele on a long hike or just taking it to the next room? This gig bag has you covered! A comfortable, ergonomically designed handle perfectly balances the ukulele, or for longer distances simply adjust the back straps, throw it over your shoulder and start on your way to where the ukulele takes you.

Bespoke zips

Large enough for easy gripping without weighing the bag down, snagged or failed zips aren't in this bags vocabulary. Cast with the Octopus logo for a bespoke experience, it's this attention to detail in the small things that filters through to the big things, like keeping your instrument safe.

Extra storage

This is the bag to store it all. The front pocket makes room for all sorts: plectrums, tuner, lead sheets, spare batteries, cards, keys, gummy bears (not included!) - there's no need to bring anything else...
57710 | uk57s710 | uk57s710 | UK57S710 | UK57C710 | UK57T710

Case size

UK57S-710: Soprano ukulele UK57C-710: Concert ukulele UK57TS-710: Tenor ukulele


UK57S-710: Hessian UK57C-710: Hessian UK57TS-710: Hessian


UK57S-710: 2 back straps UK57C-710: 2 back straps UK57TS-710: 2 back straps

Carry handle

UK57S-710: Yes UK57C-710: Yes UK57TS-710: Yes

Protective padding

UK57S-710: 10mm UK57C-710: 10mm UK57TS-710: 10mm

Internal Dimensions

UK57S-710: 55.5cm x 18cm x 8cm UK57C-710: 63cm x 21.5cm x 8cm UK57TS-710: 73cm x 25cm x 10cm


UK57S-710: 364g UK57C-710: 402g UK57TS-710: 740g

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